All New eSprinter

The all-new eSprinter


Prepare to experience the all-new fully electric eSprinter. For the first time in the U.S., customers can elevate their fleet’s sustainability with a locally emission-free, battery-powered van bearing the Mercedes-Benz star. Designed with the same versatile features, load capacity and advanced technologies of its gas-powered sibling, the eSprinter is ready to be equipped as a mobile workshop or a spacious delivery van. The all-new eSprinter is coming soon.Say “Hello!” to the all-new eSprinter.

Charging Solutions for your eSprinter


At Home or For Your Fleet


Whether you need to charge at home or keep your whole fleet charged,
Mercedes-Benz Vans offers you just the right solutions.


eSprinter How-to Video Series


This is How We Future


It’s time to achieve more, more efficiently. Here’s everything you need to know about all-new eSprinter from Mercedes-Benz. 

eSprinter Drive Modes


It’s time to achieve more, more quickly and smoothly. This video demonstrates how to use the innovative drive modes and regenerative braking to customize your ride and increase overall performance and range.

eSprinter Charging


It’s time to achieve more, with zero emissions. This video demonstrates how easy it is to charge the all-new eSprinter.

eSprinter Technology and Safety


It’s time to achieve more, more effectively. This video demonstrates how to use the advanced tech and safety features in the all-new eSprinter. This is how we connect. This is how we stay safe.


Key Features


Peace of mind right from the start.


The service package included with the eSprinter covers the costs of maintenance work in accordance with the service booklet and manufacturer’s specifications for the first four services within the first four years, or up to a maximum of 100,000 miles. Thanks to a regular and professional inspection of the high-voltage components and other vehicle parts and functions, you can be sure that your electric van is always ready for use and retains its value. Today and in the future.



+ Body builder connector

+ Comfort and Electrically Adjustable Seats (including memory function)

+ 270-degree rear doors with 90-degree stop

And more ... 

Assistance Systems


+ Digital rearview mirror

+ Blind Spot Assist

+  Active Brake Assist

And more ...



+ MBUX multimedia system with 10.25-inch screen

+ Navigation with Live Traffic capability

+ Instrument cluster with color display

And more ...




+ Remote cabin convenience and Pre-Conditioning. Enjoy maximum comfort as soon as you get in by starting the auxiliary heating or cooling of your vehicle remotely via the Mercedes me connect App.

+ Heatable steering wheel

+ THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control

+ Multifunction steering wheel (e.g. recuperation mode settings)

+ Smartphone tray with wireless charging

+ Remote cabin convenience and pre-conditioning

+ Regeneration Braking D-Auto

+ Three driving programs (Eco, comfort, max range)

+ Eco-Assist

And more ...

Connected Technology


With technology like Active Brake Assist, rear-view camera display, multimedia touch-screen control and more, you’ll be taking to the road with ease. And when you connect drivers, vehicles, and managers with Mercedes me connect, you can push your business even further.


Key Specs

eSprinter Section 179 Tax Deduction

Detailed Specifications


Power Train & Payload5


Drive Type: Rear wheel drive

Standard Output Model 100 kW
High Output Model 150 kW
75 mph

Dimensions & Weight5


Wheelbase: 170”
Vehicle Length: 280”
Cargo Volume: 488.1 cu ft (high roof)
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR): 9,370 lbs
Gross Combination Weight Rating: (GCWR): 11,023 lbs

Battery & Range5


Battery Capacity (Usable): 113 kWh
Maximum Range6(WLTP)6:
Up to 250 miles
AC Charging Power/Time:
AC Charge time is 0-100% battery
9.6 kW/ - 12-13 hours
DC Charging Power/Time7:
DC Charge time is 10-80% battery
115 kW/ - 42 minutes (optimal)
50 kW/ - 93 minutes

5Detailed Specifications Disclaimers:

  • Estimated driving range is determined internally in accordance with a European test procedure for European vehicles with a fully charged battery. These are not confirmed values from an officially recognized testing organization nor are these official values from an EC type-approval. Differences between the data and the official values are possible.
  • Reference model: panel van, length “long” (A3), high roof, gross vehicle weight 4.25t, speed limiter 55mph, 113 kWh battery. Range values vary depending on the specific vehicle configuration (speed limiter, body type, battery size, level of equipment, tires etc.).
  • Driving range may vary based on model, terrain, temperature, driving style, optional equipment, use of vehicle features, and other factors. U.S.-specific figures will be announced closer to launch.

6Maximum Range6: the electric range, based on a simulation using the WLTP cycle, will be up to 250 miles. The simulated range, based on the WLTP city cycle, will be up to 310 miles

7DC Charging Power/Time7: Maximum peak charging capacity at DC charging station with a supply voltage of 400 volts, 300 A; the maximum charging capacity is dependent on diverse factors such as, e.g. ambient and battery temperature and the charge status of the battery when starting to charge. Minimum charging time of 10 to 80% under optimum conditions at DC charging station with a supply voltage of 400 volts, 300 A; the charging time can vary depending on diverse factors such as e.g. ambient and battery temperature and due to the use of additional auxiliary consumers such as e.g. heating